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Address: 65 Arbor Way Fitchburg,Massachusetts 01420 USA
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Contact: Patti Florio
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Shipping Method: UPS, Common Carrier
Shipping To: Continental USA, Hawaii
Dropship Fee: $8.00
Terms: Visa, MasterCard, Net 30
Comments: ACHLA Designs, a Garden Accessories company, emphasizes unique handgorged European wrought iron furnishing for the home and garden. Items range from small hooks and brackets to large pavilions and arbors. "We also offer birdbaths, birding & garden pole sy
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Adult Rocking Chairs Aluminum Baskets Americana Hose Caddies Andiron Adaptors
Andirons Arbor Benches Arbors Armless Chairs
Ash Buckets Ash Dumps Backless Benches Bar Chairs
Bar Tables Basket Holders Basket Stakes Baskets
Bench Seating Benches Boot Scrapers Boot Trays
Bowls Brackets Brass Andirons Brass Bells
Brass Tap Connectors Caddies Candelabras Candle Holders
Candle Trays Cascading Plant Stands Cast Iron Ash Dumps Cast Iron Dutch Ovens
Cast Iron Skillets Cast Iron Spoon Rests Cast Iron Trivets Chaise Lounge
Chaise Lounge Chairs Chandeliers Chinese Lanterns Coal Hod
Coal Scoops Coffee Tables Compost Aerators Compost Mixers
Compost Pails Compost Starters Composters Copper Tubs
Corner Shelves Damper Pulls Decorative Baskets Decorative Bowls
Decorative Candelabras Decorative Candle Holders Decorative Lanterns Decorative Pedestals
Decorative Planters Decorative Statuettes Decorative Wreaths Dining Tables
Doorway Mounting Fans Dutch Ovens End Tables Etageres
Fence Posts Fire Starters Fireback Feet Firebacks
Fireplace Accessories Fireplace Cranes Fireplace Fenders Fireplace Screens
Fireplace Screens w/Doors Fireplace Tool Sets Fireplace Wood Holder Tool Sets Fireplace Wood Holders
Flatwood Caddies Flower Aquariums Flower Planters Flowerpot Bases
Folding Chairs Folding Plant Stands Folding Tables Folding Wrought Iron Stands
Fruit Bowls Galvanized Tubs Garden Accessories Garden Arbors
Garden Bells Garden Benches Garden Chairs Garden Decor
Garden Furniture Garden Gates Garden Gazebos Garden Gifts
Garden Gnomes Garden Lanterns Garden Lighting Garden Pavilions
Garden Planters Garden Statues Garden Table and Chairs Garden Tables
Garden Trellises Gardener Gifts Gardening Products Gas Fenders
Gas Keys Gazebos Gazing Globe Hangers Gazing Globe Stands
Gazing Globes Glass Bell Jars Glass Door Fireplace Enclosures Glass Lanterns
Glass Toad Stools Glass Vases Gong and Strikers Gongs
Handforged Trivets Hanging Planters Hearth Accessories Hearth Candelabras
Hearth Gloves Hearth Grates Hearth Rugs Home Furniture
Home Gifts Hose Caddies Hose Guards Hose Guides
Insulated Metal Wine Chillers Iron Bowls Kettles Lantern Brackets
Lanterns Lattice Benches Lawn Aerator Sandals Leisure Furniture
Mail Box Brackets Mantel Brackets Match Holders Metal Planters
Mosaic Glass Vases Nesting Planters Nesting Products Nesting Tables
New Home Gifts Oriental Lanterns Outdoor Benches Outdoor Chairs
Outdoor Fencing Outdoor Fencing Railings and Barriers Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Planters Park Benches Patio Furniture Patio Tables
Pavilions Pedestals Pellet Buckets Pellet Scoops
Picket Edging Pipe Shams Plant Caddies Plant Stakes
Plant Stands Plant Trays Planters Pokers
Porcelain Kettles Post Caps Pot Stakes Pylons
Rain Catchers Rocking Chairs Rooting Vases Rustic Bowls
Rustic Planters Rustic Pouches Scroll Brackets Seating
Seed Boxes Serving Carts Side Tables Skillets
Specialty Benches Specialty Bowls Specialty Brackets Specialty Lanterns
Specialty Planters Specialty Tubs Spoon Rests Stainless Steel Tubs
Statuaries Statuettes Steamers Steel Baskets
Storage Benches Storage Seating Sundials Tap Connectors
Tea Lights Tin Lanterns Topiary Frames Trivets
Tubs Unique Chandeliers Unique Lanterns Vases
Wall and Door Baskets Wall Baskets Wall Brackets Wall Frieze
Wall Shelves Watering Cans Window Boxes Wine Chiller Stands
Wine Chillers Wood Bellows Wood Holders Wreaths
Wrought Iron Baskets w/Brackets Wrought Iron Fireplace Tool Sets Wrought Iron Hooks and Hangers


ACHLA Designs

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