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Address: B-8, Narayan Arcade, Watu Tole Kathmandu,,Bagmati 13230 Nepal
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Contact: Kshitize Agrawal
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Shipping Method: FedEx, DHL, Air Cargo
Shipping To: Worldwide
Dropship Fee: None
Terms: Visa, MasterCard
Comments: offers the very best of select Nepali handicrafts with a pleasant shopping experience, speedy delivery and money-saving deals. This supplier charges a one time deposit of $100 to be placed on your account for your purchases. Please let
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All Natural Oils Animal Resin Statues Animal Statues Ash Trays
Bangles Beaded Necklaces Bells Bracelets
Brass Statues Bubbler Water Pipes Buddha Brass Statues Buddha Copper Statues
Buddha Mandalas Buddha Metal Books Buddha Resin Statues Buddha Statues
Buddha Thankas Buddhist Ritual Items Butter Lamps Candle Stands
Chorten Copper Statues Cultural Jewelry Cultural Music
Cultural Necklaces Custom Earrings Custom Jewelry Custom Necklaces
Custom Rings Cymbals Dangling Earrings Decorative Accessories
Decorative Ash Trays Decorative Boxes Decorative Candle Stands Decorative Earrings
Decorative Incense Burners Decorative Incense Holders Decorative Jewelry Boxes Decorative Masks
Decorative Nepalese Bracelets Decorative Paint Stands Decorative Resin Statues Decorative Rings
Decorative Silver Bracelets Decorative Statues Decorative Tea Kettles Decorative Tea Pots
Dhime Dhyangro Djembes Door Handles
Door Hangers Door Knockers Dorje Drums
Earrings Essential Oils Fancy Earrings Fashion Earrings
Fashion Jewelry Filigiri Bangles Filigiri Jewelry Boxes Flags of Tibet
Flute Tikkas Flutes Formal Jewelry Gong Stands
Gongs Hammer Pipes Hand Bells Hand Carved Bells
Hand Carved Tibetan Bells Hand Crafted Jewelry Hand Rolled Incense Hand Woven Pashmina Mufflers
Hand Woven Pashmina Scarves Hand Woven Pashmina Shawls Hand Woven Pashmina Stoles Handcrafted Bracelets
Handcrafted Earrings Handcrafted Pendants Handcrafted Rings Handle Damaru
Handles Handmade Ash Trays Handmade Earrings Handmade Fashion Jewelry
Handmade Gifts Handmade Necklaces Handmade Pendants Handmade Rings
Handmade Silver Jewelry Handmade Silver Necklaces Handmade Silver Pendants Herb Extracts
Herbs Hindu Brass Statues Hindu Copper Statues Hindu Resin Statues
Hindu Statues Incense Incense Burners Incense Gift Packs
Incense Holders Incense Sticks Jade Jewelry Boxes Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry Gifts Kalchakra Mandalas Katas Scarves Khukuries
Knives Laha Lama Bags Madal Drums
Mala Malakite Bracelets Mandalas Manjira
Mantra Prayer Wheels Masalas Metal Bangles Mufflers
Murchunga Musical Instruments Natural Herbs Necklaces
Nepalese CDs Nepalese Cultural Flutes Nepalese Jewelry Boxes Nepalese VCDs
Nepali Musical Instruments Oils Old-Fashioned Earrings Organic Herbs
Paint Stands Pashmina Mufflers Pashmina Products Pashmina Scarves
Pashmina Shawls Pashmina Stoles Pendant Pipes Pendants
Pipes Prayer Flags Prayer Malas Prayer Wheel Stands
Puruwa Raw Herbs Religious Gifts Religious Statues
Resin Statues Ritual Lama Caps Sarangi Scarves
Semi-Precious Gemstone Bracelets Semi-Precious Gemstone Rings Semi-Precious Stone Bracelets Semi-Precious Stone Earrings
Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry Boxes Semi-Precious Stone Necklaces Shakti Shawls
Shoes Silver Bracelets Silver Earrings Silver Jewelry
Silver Necklaces Silver Rings Silver Singing Bowls Singing Bowls
Small Gong Stands Smoking Pipes Specialty Necklaces Spices
Stand Bubblers Statues Stoles Stone Bangles
Stretchable Wrist Malas Tabacco Pipes Tamko Tara Thankas
Tea Kettles Tea Pots Thanka Pots Thankas
Therapeutic Incense Tibetan Bells Tibetan Caps Tibetan Damaru
Tibetan Door Curtains Tibetan Incense Tibetan Malas Tibetan Prayer Wheels
Tibetan Shoes Tibetan Wall Hangings Unique Ash Trays Unique Bangles
Unique Candle Stands Unique Door Hangers Unique Earrings Unique Gifts
Unique Incense Burners Unique Jewelry Unique Necklaces Unique Pendants
Unique Rings Unique Tea Pots Unique Wall Hangers Vajra
Vintage Earrings Vintage Pendants Wall Hangers Water Pipes
Wrist Malas



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